Top Yoga Playlists

Top Yoga Playlists

Mirepoix instructors are known for playing jams during class. Check out some of our teacher’s favorite songs and playlists to get some inspiration to inspire up your at-home practice.

Claire Ridge

Kristie Kahns

  • Prefers not to flow to music in her personal practice, but loves adding music from Nicola Cruz, Ta-ku, and Teebs to her curated playlists for students!

  • Spotify: Kristie Kahns

Siobhan Carey

Caitlin Kalosky

  • With a large spectrum of musical taste, Caitlin can’t pick just one song or playlist that’s her fav. Check out her Spotify linked below for some inspiration!

  • Spotify: Caitlin Kalosky

Lauren Bellagamba

Stephanie Lewis

Lauren Grosskopf

You can always follow Mirepoix on Spotify to find your favorite teacher’s playlist. Let us know in the comments below your favorite songs to listen to while you flow!