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The Ultimate Guide to Recycling in Chicago

While we are always looking for more ways to reduce and reuse, sometimes the best we can do is recycle. But recycling can be confusing. What can you recycle? And in Chicago, if your landlord doesn’t offer a recycling service, where can you recycle?

We reached out to the experts at Waste Management and they supplied resources that outlined the benefits of recycling, broke down what you are and are not allowed to recycle and how to locate the nearest drop-off location near your home.

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Our Favorite Sustainable Brands

At Mirepoix, we believe it's our social responsibility to not only choose products that are safe for our students, but to also choose products that are safe for the environment. Due to our commitment to creating a waste-free environment, we thought we’d like out some of our favorite sustainable brands because it’s important for everyone to be more mindful of their consumption.

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