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Why It's Important to Create a CBD Routine

As of now, you have probably tried at least one version of CBD, whether it be edibles, tinctures, creams or vapes. Trying different versions of CBD can be fun, but you may not be reaping the optimal benefits if you’re not taking CBD consistently. If you are looking for CBD to truly have an impact on your anxiety, stress or pain, it’s important to take it regularly. We chatted with the experts at Equilibria Women and they shared the benefits of creating a CBD routine and provided tips for finding what’s right for you!

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Our Go-To Travel Outfit

It’s no secret that we love Athleta — we even listed them in a recent article featuring Our Favorite Sustainable brands due to their B Corp certification. Beyond their enviable commitment to sustainability, Athleta’s recent Travel Light Line focuses on fashionable, comfortable clothing that doesn’t wrinkle. The new line is also tear-proof, machine washable and made out of recycled materials.

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The Ultimate Guide to Recycling in Chicago

While we are always looking for more ways to reduce and reuse, sometimes the best we can do is recycle. But recycling can be confusing. What can you recycle? And in Chicago, if your landlord doesn’t offer a recycling service, where can you recycle?

We reached out to the experts at Waste Management and they supplied resources that outlined the benefits of recycling, broke down what you are and are not allowed to recycle and how to locate the nearest drop-off location near your home.

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7 Tips For Becoming a Morning Workout Person

Spring has finally sprung in Chicago! That means patios are open, happy hours are aplenty and the last thing you want to do after work is workout. In order to avoid falling out of your workout routine, maybe it’s time to add morning workouts to your schedule. Bonus: it’s a lot easier to roll out of bed and get to the gym or a workout class when the sun is out and the weather is nice.

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