Mercury Retrograde Is Almost Over, Now What?

Mercury Retrograde

The end of Mercury Retrograde is almost here! On Thursday, March 28th we will finally be freed from the technological issues, constant miscommunication and travel disruptions. So what does that mean? We know we shouldn’t be making big decisions and plans during Mercury Retrograde, but what path should we follow once it’s over?

Be Patient

Since March 5th, we have experienced different levels of chaos. Don’t expect your life to settle on March 29th. You may feel a bit stuck, but start taking steps in order to clear your head and move you. You will be able to make decisions easier and begin to feel more grounded, helping you create a more streamlined plan for the coming months.

Release Negative Energy

Since you may have some negative energy that spills over into your day-to-day after Mercury Retrograde, find ways to release that energy. Maybe you can find some grounding in meditation, journaling, or even cooking! Dive into positive habits full force and your mind and body will thank you for it.

Get Moving

The weather is changing and now is the perfect time to move your body. Movement will clear your brain fog and prep you for a positive start to summer. Get outside and go for a run, try a new workout class (ClassPass is currently offering new clients a FREE trial) or stop by our studio for an intentional yoga class that’s sure to leave you with a more peaceful mind and body.

Get Some Sleep!

As always, sleep is a cure-all for many. That’s no different from the stressors brought on by Mercury Retrograde. Grab a chamomile tea, fill your diffusor with your favorite scent and take a minute to relax. You deserve it!

We can expect Mercury Retrograde to return two more times in 2019: July 7-August 2 and October 31-November 20. Instead of looking at these disruptions as a negative, let’s focus on creating new habits and identifying ways you can benefit your mind and body in order to make this year your best yet!