5 Benefits of Incorporating Yoga Throughout Your Pregnancy

Motherhood is a time to nourish, strengthen and empower your body both physically and mentally. As your body changes, it’s important to listen to its cues and make changes in your fitness routine. Whether you’re an experienced yogi or a newbie, prenatal yoga is a perfect way to prepare your mind and your body for birth. 

In order to keep your body and baby safe throughout these nine months, it’s helpful to take prenatal yoga classes in order to learn about how to move your body during different stages of pregnancy. Mirepoix Wellness Studio prenatal yoga instructors broke down five benefits of incorporating prenatal yoga into your workout routine during any stage of your pregnancy. 

Strengthens the Pelvic Floor

During prenatal yoga classes, you will learn to engage different muscles that will help you prepare for childbirth. You will also learn exercises to help repair the pelvic floor quicker post-childbirth. Awareness around this area of the body is important for all women but especially important to those going through this stage of life.

Releases Tension

During pregnancy, your baby will put excess strain and weight on your entire body. Incorporating yoga movements and postures tailored to relieving pressure and tension will be beneficial for your growing body.

Stabilizes Your Core

As your belly expands forward and out, your low back can become weak. This can often cause pain in many pregnant women. Regular yoga practice will create stability and strength by using different core muscles to support your back.

Manages Stress

Throughout childbirth, there are many unknowns. Although the practice won't give you any answers, it will allow you to think clearer and reduce possible anxiety and depression pre and postnatal.

Creates Breath Awareness

Breathing techniques learned during yoga can be incorporated during labor to stay in the present moment and move through any discomfort.

If you’re interested in incorporating prenatal yoga during your pregnancy, check out Mirepoix’s upcoming Prenatal Workshop to get to know your body and your baby more during this intimate phase.