Why It's Important to Create a CBD Routine

As of now, you have probably tried at least one version of CBD, whether it be edibles, tinctures, creams or vapes. Trying different versions of CBD can be fun, but you may not be reaping the optimal benefits if you’re not taking CBD consistently. If you are looking for CBD to truly have an impact on your anxiety, stress or pain, it’s important to take it regularly. We chatted with the experts at Equilibria Women and they shared the benefits of creating a CBD routine and provided tips for finding what’s right for you!

Determine Your Dosage

It’s important to find the dosage that will help you reach your health goals. Equilibria prides itself on helping users finding the perfect dosage by giving users the opportunity to work with a personal dosage specialist. This specialist can help you determine if softgels, daily drops or relief cream are the best remedies for what your body needs. You can learn more about these options on Equilibria’s FAQ section of their website.

Take It Daily

Think of CBD like a vitamin -- it’s best when used daily. CBD builds up over time and works to maintain your Endocannabinoid System (ECS), which helps sustain your body’s overall balance. When you’re incorporating CBD into your daily routine, it helps your sleep, mood and inflammation stay at a more constant state.

Find The Perfect Time

CBD stays in your body anywhere from 4-12 hours, depending on your method of delivery. Experiment with the time of day you take your CBD in order to maximize effectiveness. You may find taking your CBD before bed and again when you wake up is the optimal way to curb your anxieties and improve your mood. Take your time to find the right method and understand results won’t be immediate. You can plan to experience the benefits within the first few weeks of consistent usage so be patient!

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