A Breakdown of 10 Popular Crystals and Their Meanings

A month ago we detailed Everything You Wanted to Know About Crystals but Didn’t Know Who to Ask, but some of you may have wondered what are the most popular crystals and what do they mean. Check out our outline of ten popular crystals below and let us know your favorites in the comments.

Pro tip: it’s best to allow your instincts to help you choose the right crystal instead of choosing one due to the color or meaning you’re looking to manifest!


Amazonite is known for helping users open up and embrace their truth by flooding the heart and throat chakras with loving energy. It helps users create clearer conversations with oneself and others in love, life and everything in between.


Known for its calming energy, amethysts are great for relieving anxieties and minimizing stress. It also works well with your third eye in order to assist with identifying solutions by tapping into your inner knowing.


Rather than absorbing negativity, citrine clears it. It also facilitates wealth and prosperity and is known to spark creativity.

Clear Quartz

A powerful crystal, clear quartz can clear and strengthen other crystals. Because of this, it helps to bring clarity and amplifies manifestation.

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is known as a protection stone. It puts a boundary between you and others so you are protected from negative energy you don’t want to attract.

Blue Lace Agate

This stone is known for easing anxieties and providing positive, supportive vibrations.


This stone can provide confidence to help make big decisions without focusing on the negative. It helps to create a rational state of mind and brings confidence to the user.

Rose Quartz

A very popular stone for healing emotional traumas as well as relationship trouble, rose quartz helps to release negative emotions and bring forth peace and tranquility in all things love.


The obsidian stone helps keep stress and negativity at bay when venturing onto a new path in life. It also helps users’ faith and spiritual beliefs from faltering during times of strife.


Topaz comes in many different shades, but is generally considered the stone of love, passion and purpose. It helps to strengthen ones confidence and attain ones goals.