7 Tips For Becoming a Morning Workout Person

7 Tips For Becoming a Morning Workout Person

Spring has finally sprung in Chicago! That means patios are open, happy hours are aplenty and the last thing you want to do after work is workout. In order to avoid falling out of your workout routine, maybe it’s time to add morning workouts to your schedule. Bonus: it’s a lot easier to roll out of bed and get to the gym or a workout class when the sun is out and the weather is nice.

Check out some of our favorite tips for becoming a morning workout person:

Go To Bed Early

This may seem obvious, but be sure you’re still getting six to eight hours of sleep. Turn off your phone and Netflix and cozy up earlier in the evening. This may seem hard at first, but your body will adjust quickly.

Be Prepared

Lay all everything out the night before. Your workout clothes, workout bag, water bottle and work clothes should all be ready to go in the morning. That way you’re not rushing to find something to wear bright and early and you feel confident and ready to take on the day.

Prep Food and Drink

Are you someone who eats before you workout? Then maybe have smoothies packed ready to drop in the blender to make your morning routine easier. We love these smoothie prep ideas from Simply Quinoa. If you’re a coffee or tea drinker, prep that too. Most coffee makers have a timer you can set so you can wake up to your favorite smell. Being prepared can give you that extra boost to get you out of bed.

Find A Workout You Love

If you hate running and waking up early, then waking up early to go for a run isn’t setting yourself up for success. Finding a class or community that brings you joy can be extra motivation to get out of bed. Plus, lots of boutique fitness classes will charge you if you cancel late - sometimes that's motivation enough!

If you’re headed to the gym, write out your workout the night before. That way you’re not wasting time figuring out your routine and you can jump right in.

Find a Friend

Having a workout buddy is always a great way to find that extra motivation. You can keep each other honest and motivate one another on those tough mornings!

Focus on the End Goal

For many, becoming a morning person means being more efficient after work. Days quickly begin to seem longer and your social life doesn’t have to take a hit to work around your fitness goals.

Understand There’s No Roadmap to Success

Some days you’re going to be too tired to wake up. Maybe it was too many margs, maybe your work week has been tough. That’s okay! Understand that there’s no such thing as failure and focus on having a successful morning tomorrow.

We would love to see you at Mirepoix for one of our morning classes! We have coffee and kombucha on tap which makes for a delicious pick-me-up post class.

Let us know your favorite morning workout tips in the comments below!