Our Favorite Sustainable Brands

At Mirepoix, we believe it's our social responsibility to not only choose products that are safe for our students, but to also choose products that are safe for the environment. Due to our commitment to creating a waste-free environment, we thought we’d like out some of our favorite sustainable brands because it’s important for everyone to be more mindful of their consumption.

Photo courtesy of the Seventh Generation website.

Photo courtesy of the Seventh Generation website.

Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation believes in reducing waste so the next seven generations can thrive. That is why all of their products are plant based and all of their packaging is made from recycled materials. We use seventh Generation unbleached bath tissues for our bathrooms at Mirepoix!

Sustainable Brands

Jade Yoga

Jade Yoga is committed to giving back with every product sold. With the purchase of every yoga mat, Jade plants a tree — since 2006 the brand has planted over one million trees. Also, all of their products are made in the U.S. so they can ensure quality 100% of the time. We use Jade yoga blocks and mats for every class at Mirepoix.

Sustainable brands


Nest is one of the first thermostats that learns the habits of its users, so a room isn’t being heated or cooled when no one is in it. Using Nest can save users 10%-15% on their energy bill. We use Nest at Mirepoix to control the temperate in each of our classes and to manage our energy usage!


Patagonia was way ahead of its time when it comes to sustainability. In 1994 the brand made the decision to only use organic cotton, they’re Fair-Trade Certified TM and their Worn Wear program repairs all old Patagonia gear for consumers to reuse or donate in order to reduce waste. They are also extremely outspoken about defending clean air and water and preserving the environment. The founder, Yvon Chouinard, has also believed in paying fair wages and women’s rights long before it was trendy as detailed in his book, Let My People Go Surfing.

Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective is changing the game for fitness brands. Their clothing is made up of 100% recycled materials. When you wear their leggings, you’re wearing 25 recycled water bottles — and they only cost $68. Bonus: their sizes range from XXS-XXXL so all women can look and feel their best when working out.


Athleta is one of the OGs of sustainable workout gear. The activewear brand is Certified B Corp which means they meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. The brand has aggressive goals to push the boundaries of sustainability such as diverting 80% of their shipping packaging from landfills by 2020.

Everlane believes in Radical Transparency when it comes to their products by sharing the true cost of creating high-quality products. The brand only uses factories that score 90 or above for fair wages, reasonable hours and environment. They also have an entire collection created out of discarded plastic, with a goal to eliminate virgin plastic from their supply chain by 2021. And, every Black Friday, they donate their profits to a different cause.

Dr. Bronner’s

Dr. Bronner’s has been making soap since 1858. Since the beginning the brand has lived by the mentality "‘Make humble and mindful use of the earth’s gifts. Do not waste, do not harm the land or people or animals. What comes from the earth must go back!’ Dr. Bronner’s uses all organic, fair-trade ingredients with no preservatives. They are committed to 100% post-consumer recycled packaging, consistently reducing their carbon footprint and fighting for fair wages, animal advocacy and more.


The impact of fashion waste in this world is real and Reformation is working to change that. The brand tracks their environmental footprint by following the lifecycle of clothes from growing fibers to consumer clothing recycling to better understand the cost of fashion and continue to create better solutions. They are plastic free and use 100% recycled paper products and compostable bio-based films. They are committed to sourcing local fabrics and avoiding hazardous chemicals in their dyes. Plus, they celebrate staff birthdays by donating to TreePeople, an organization that supports urban forests in LA by planting a tree in their name. 

Let us know your favorite sustainable brands in the comments below!