How do I know if CBD is right for me?

CBD has become a major trend in the wellness industry. Many influencers and celebrities swear by its benefits, but how do you know if CBD is right for you? We chatted with Matt Warren, Training Manager at CBD Kratom right here in Chicago (2048 N Damen Ave), and he shared his insight into the benefits of CBD, how it should be used and how to find the perfect ingestion method to fit your wellness needs.

What is CBD? Is it legal?

CBD is an oil extracted from the cannabis plant. When you take CBD, you will not experience the same side effects as smoking or ingesting marijuana. It does not create the feeling of being high because it does not contain THC. Due to it’s lack of psychoactive ingredients, CBD is 100% legal.

What are the benefits of CBD?

Since CBD is legal across the U.S., many people have begun to utilize the oil in order to help with different medical conditions as opposed to using over-the-counter medications. Warren shared a few of the major reasons people utilize CDB:

  • Pain: Anyone with nerve, joint or muscle pain can benefit from utilizing CBD. Many customers who have arthritis or fibromyalgia look to CBD for its anti-inflammatory effects.

  • Nausea: CBD is known to reduce nausea and increase appetite for those suffering from medical disorders.

  • Anxiety: CBD helps to regulate the endocannabinoid system which can impact sleep, the immune system and mood control. CBD helps the body find balance, curbing everyday stress and more extreme cases such as panic attacks.

  • Acne: Because acne begins with inflammation, CBD can work to restore balance in the body helping to heal acne flare-ups.

What are CBD methods of use and how can I determine what's right for me?

When you walk into a CBD shop, the options may seem overwhelming. Warren broke down the different methods of ingesting and why people chose certain methods.

  • Edibles: These are generally the most popular. CBD edibles can come in the form of coffee, tea, honey, gummy bears and more. They are a slower release version of CBD and are absorbed directly in the bloodstream. Although it takes longer to feel the effects of edibles since the CBD is released at a slower rate, effects can last longer. This is way edibles are a good option for chronic sufferers.

  • Tinctures: This is a concentrated oil which is distributed through a dropper so the user can control the dosage. The oil can be taken directly under the tongue or mixed into food or drinks. Tinctures are good for anxiety, PTSD, sleep disorders, physical pain and more. These are great for daily use.

  • Topical cream: CBD creams have anti-inflammatory properties that help with joint pain, dermal issues and muscle pain. It can provide lasting relief to a specific area on the body.

  • Dry Herbs: This type of CBD looks and tastes like hemp, but doesn’t have the psychoactive qualities. Smoking herbs is a quick release. Herbs can help with pain relief and serve as a muscle relaxer.

  • Isolate: This is a powder and the most purified form of CBD which can be used in a multitude of different ways. You can eat it, dab it, smoke it, make your own tincture and more. Isolate is incredibly versatile and can be used however you need it.

  • Vaporizers: Vapes simply heat the tinctures to create a vapor to inhale. It's important to be mindful of your dosage when vaping because it's an efficient way to get CBD into your system. This is a great method for migraines sufferers and people who have panic attacks because it activates quickly.

When it comes to choosing your dosage, this will differ from person to person. According to Warren, if you’re taking tinctures daily, a 10mg dose should be sufficient. As you continue to use CBD it will build up in your system and store in your fat cells so you may find yourself using less for continued relief.

Is there an optimal time to take CBD?

Like many things with CBD, this will differ from person to person.

“You can take it and be able to function. We recommend people experience CBD and see where their threshold lies,” Warren continued. “If you’re going to take it more than once a day, give yourself a five-hour window between each dose.”

He went on to say that many people will take it before they go to sleep for a deeper sleep. Some people take it before a workout to relax their muscles, some take it after to focus on muscle recovery. It’s important to identify why you’re taking CBD and use it when it is more beneficial to your needs.

How do I find a company I can trust?

When trying any new supplement, research is key. Warren recommends reaching out to your inner circle to discuss different products your friends or family are using. He also said to look online for product reviews and ask questions when you visit stores.

Warren also noted that some companies will use tricky wordage. One thing to look out for is the term “hemp oil” -- this does not constitute as CBD. Hemp oil is simply a crushed seed and not an extracted oil so it will not provide the same effects of natural CBD.

Are there side effects of using CBD?

CBD is very light on your system. According to Warren, the most common side effect is grogginess or sleepiness. If you experience these symptoms, it’s likely you took too large of a dosage. He recommends taking less next time but notes that the absorption rate depends on the product. So an edible will have a different effect on your body than a vape.

If you would like to learn more about CBD, visit your local CBD Kratom. They have a plethora of products and are very willing to help newbies find the perfect CBD product for their specific needs.

You must be 18+ to shop in a CBD store and 21+ to purchase edibles or vapes. CBD Kratom is not a dispensary -- every product contains less than .3% THC.